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Every year, we offer a position for 1 MIR resident in AnaesthesiologyReanimation and pain therapy in the Hospital Universitari Dexeus. 3 requirements are needed to access this square:

  1. Obtain a grade in the MIR examination that qualifies for the clinical positions on offer.
  2. Apply for the position in the Anaesthesiology Department, attaching a cover letter.
  3. Have a personal interview with members of the Department of Anaesthesiology

Subsequently 3 candidates are selected to carry out psychological testing and assessment by the Department of psychiatry - psychology of the Hospital Universitari Dexeus.
Finally, a successful candidate will be chosen, who will receive a letter of confirmation of the position which they must present during the official event at which the MIR positions are assigned. The Ministry of Health will also be informed of the personal details of the candidate chosen.
Plazo de envío de la solicitud de la PLAZA MIR: 16 de marzo de 2019
*Solo se aceptarán las solicitudes que se envien a través del formulario web

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For further information:
Jornada de puertas abiertas MIR 2019
8 de marzo de 2019. 13:00 hr
Auditorium Hospital Universitari Dexeus

Dr. Rosa Borràs
President Commission teaching Hospital Universitari Dexeus

Dr. Yolanda Boliart
Intern Tutor in Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment

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