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What is it?

The Pain Clinic has professionals specialised in the treatment of chronic pain, and the Unit offers specific therapeutic alternatives with a view to improving patient quality of life and functional capacity.

Further information: European Pain Federation

The purpose of this section is to create a space of interaction between people with chronic pain and the professionals employed in this Centre who work to improve their health and quality of life. Our team strives to establish a doctor-patient relationship based on information and communication. Patients who know more about their disease are better empowered to participate in decision-making.

What does it offer?

evaluaciondiagnostica Diagnostic Evaluation: although many of our patients arrive at the Pain Clinic with an aetiological diagnosis, i.e. their reference doctor has found a reason for their symptoms, the Pain Clinic performs a series of secondary diagnoses based on pain type, topography and the characteristics that will make it possible to define the best treatment options.

trat Treatment Plan: the different treatment options and alternatives resulting from the diagnosis are presented to the patient, and realistic improvement deadlines and objectives are set.

coordinacionCoordination: the treatment of a chronic pain patient often requires the involvement of specialists and professionals with different skills. In cooperation with the different medical and surgical departments of the Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus, we can offer patients an ensemble of activities that constitute an interdisciplinary treatment plan.

Who can be treated?

All patients with chronic pain, defined as a pain process coursing for more than two months, can benefit from treatment at the Pain Clinic.

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