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Nerve pain

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nervioso NERVE PAIN

The different nerve pain syndromes include:

● Diabetic neuropathy
● Ischaemic neuropathy
● Postherpetic neuralgia
● Phantom limb
● Post-amputation pain
● Trigeminal neuralgia
● Other types of neuralgia
● Meralgia paresthetica
● Post-traumatic neuropathic pain
● Entrapment neuropathies

Pain may originate in the nervous tissue in numerous circumstances.

● In diabetes and in peripheral vascular disease , the nerve's vascularisation is affected. The pain is usually distal and bilateral (in glove or sock).

● In other cases, nerve entrapment , on traversing an anatomical corridor that has been narrowed by osteoligamentous or muscular modifications, as occurs in carpal tunnel syndrome or meralgia paraesthetica.

● A minimal lesion during a surgical procedure or a tooth extraction can cause pain in the damaged nerve.

● Sometimes it is a viral infection, such as herpes zoster , that may damage the nerve endings and fibres in the affected territory, and the pain persists after the resolution of the acute episode.

Trigeminal neuralgia is the best-known neuralgia and is one of the processes with the greatest effect on the life of the affected patient.

Nerve compression , through the superior cerebellar artery at its exit point from the brain stem, is the most common cause.

Trigeminal Nerve Branches

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