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Anaesthesiology Courses

Every year, the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment (DARYD) organises continuing education courses designed to help specialists to remain abreast of all the new developments in the different areas of Anaesthesiology. These courses are given in the centre's auditorium and are intended for all anaesthesiologists and/or doctors and DUE (nurses) from other centres that may be interested in the topics addressed.


Breakthroughs in postoperative resuscitation



Anaesthesia in Paediatrics

Anest pediátrica ok


Critical situations in Anaesthesiology





SCARTD Courses

These classes are taught by members of our Department in the Continuing Education courses in Anaesthesia, Reanimation and Pain Treatment organised by the SCARTD, which is based in the Academy of Medical Sciences.

1. "The Foundations of Anaesthesiology"
Airway control and tracheal intubation. Dr. Borràs

2. "Anaesthesia in surgical specialties
Anaesthesia and analgesia in childbirth and caesarean section. Dr. Fernández

3 "Course on difficult airway management"
Airway control in the pregnant patient. Dr. Borràs
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DARYD Workshops

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment (DARYD) organises training workshops both for anaesthesiologists and nurses from the department and other departments in the Center.

I Cricothyrotomy Workshop

Photo triptych '

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Scientific sessions

The Department organises weekly departmental scientific sessions and monthly interdepartmental sessions.

These sessions review topics of current interest, case studies are addressed, and communications for Congresses, Courses and Conferences are presented.

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