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Preoperative acute pain unit

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The Preoperative Examination is carried out by a consulting anaesthesiologist who sees patients every morning, and by two anaesthesiologists in the Centre who are tasked with performing this same examination in hospitalised patients who for some reason have not been to the Anaesthesiology Office.

The the preoperative examination systematically includes:

  • A detailed clinical history
  • A physical exploration with cardiorespiratory auscultation and airway assessment (Mallampati, Wilson test(etc.)
  • Verification and/or request for additional tests depending on the patient's condition and/or the nature of the surgery
  • Verification and/or titration of the patient's medication
  • Planning of the postoperative site (ward, Resuscitation Unit, ICU)
  • Adequate premedication (anxiolytics and ranitidine)

This examination is complemented by a "self-assessment questionnaire" that the patient is asked to complete before surgery.

If there are any documented allergies to any anaesthetic agent and/or serious associated conditions, particularly if they are decompensated, the patient is referred to the corresponding specialist for evaluation and/or for the prescription of the most suitable treatments in each case. Generally speaking, the people that come to the Office are elderly patients with important associated disease/s and/or are scheduled to undergo aggressive major surgery.

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