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Obstetrics Functional Department

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  • Check that pre-op procedures have been performed correctly, otherwise have them performed and request any missing complementary tests in accordance with the Obstetrics Department's anaesthesiology protocol, and also have the patient complete the IC (Informed consent document).
  • Assist the patient during labour (pain control and medical condition).
  • Basic resuscitation of the newborn.
  • Care for the patient in the event of post-partum complications affecting haemodynamic stability (e.g. uterine atony).
  • Provide assistance in scheduled and emergency obstetric surgery (Caesarean section, curettage or cerclage) in the departmental operating theatres.
  • Provide care to patients admitted to the Obstetric Resuscitation Unit.
  • Provide healthcare coverage in the IVF Department.

The anaesthetic technique used in vaginal birth is, in almost 97% of cases, continuous epidural perfusion with 0.2% Ropivacaine and 0.0001% Fentanyl; the other patients are given either intradural anaesthesia (imminent delivery) or an intravenous perfusion with remifentanyl (in the event of a known contraindication for epidural anaesthesia).

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Dr. Alejandro Miranda Tratado de anestesiología y reanimación en obstetricia: Principios fundamentales y bases de aplicación práctica.

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