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Surgical Functional Department

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This Department comprises the main Operating Theatres and the Resuscitation Room.


  • To cover the scheduled and emergency surgery performed in the main operating theatres
  • To monitor the patients admitted to the Resuscitation Room
  • To monitor the proper maintenance of anaesthetic equipment and instruments
  • To supervise and manage the anaesthesia nurses
  • 40% locoregional with or without sedation.
  • 60% general, combined with locoregional (epidural, peripheral block).
  • The general techniques are of the balanced type (inhalatory - intravenous) with tracheal intubation or laryngeal mask, depending on the case. Regular monitoring includes pulse oxymetry, capnography, ECG and bloodless blood pressure tracking.
  • General anaesthesia in aggressive major surgery also systematically includes invasive blood pressure and central venous pressure monitoring, muscle relaxation and BIS (Bispectral Index)
  • Double-lumen endotracheal tubes whose position is verified by means of auscultation and/or fibroscopy are used in thoracic surgery. Electroneurographic records are obtained perioperatively in the corrective surgery of severe scoliosis in order to guarantee the integrity of lumbosacral nerve functionalism.
  • locoregional anaesthesia is applied mainly in Traumatology and Orthopaedics, and peripheral blocks prevail over epidural blocks.
  • This is due to the increasingly greater use of heparin and/or antiplatelet agents in this type of patients, which increases the risk of spinal haematoma if epidural anaesthesia is given concommitantly.
  • All types of block use the neurostimulation method, the most frequent ones being axillary block, femoral block, interscalene block and sciatic block. Catheter-based continuous techniques are frequently used for post-operative pain control.
  • Combined techniques are used in aggressive major surgery (cancer surgery, thoracic surgery, changes of hip/knee replacements...) and/or in patients with significant cardiorespiratory conditions. In paediatric patients, general anaesthesia is often combined with caudal anaesthesia when the operation and/or the patient's condition renders this approach advisable.
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