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Walking or Ambulatory Epidural

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Towards greater freedom of movement.

The ideal analgesia in labour should permit the active participation of the mother and have a minimal impact on the child.

At this moment in time, the most effective labour pain relief is provided by Epidural Anaesthesia.

Maternal satisfaction is considerably high, although even so, in recent years we have searched constantly for a modality that gives the mother freedom of movement, and in doing so we have reached different degrees of analgesia with mobility.

And it is precisely the condition of "mobility" and not actually "walking" that defines this type of analgesia. It is not a question of performing a different technique, but rather of changing the usual doses, thus delivering analgesia while maintaining mobility. This allows the mother-to-be to enjoy a pain-free childbirth, out of bed, either walking or sitting on an armchair, or on the "birth ball".


Walking Epidural is carried out according to the same hospital protocol as for conventional epidural anaesthesia. The main difference lies in the use of low doses of anaesthetics or other drugs in combination.

  • Less painful
  • It accelerates the first stage of labour (dilation phase)
  • The mother is much more satisfied
  • It reduces the rate of instrumental deliveries
  • It reduces the need for urinary catheterisation
  • There is a perception of pain-free contraction
  • Pushing capacity is maintained throughout the final phase of labour
  • Greater control is required by both anaesthesiologist and nurse
  • It requires greater muscle strength and proprioceptive sensitivity
  • Walking capacity needs to be monitored
  • Intermittent or telemetric cardiotocographic monitoring is required
  • Greater incidence of itchy skin (due to the use of epidural opiates)
  • It requires well-trained staff, which is why it is only performed in some hospital maternity departments

Certain obstetric conditions must be met for Walking Epidural, which is not indicated when the mother is in the advanced labour stage.

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