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Postoperative care

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Our Hospital has an Intensive Care and Post-Anaesthesia Unit that is open round the clock.

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Treatment thus guarantees the best healthcare to the patient after such an important event, namely surgery. The team of professionals employed in this unit are responsible for ensuring that the patient has the safest and most comfortable stay possible at all times during the immediate post-op period.

Where will I go after the operation?

Following surgery, the patient is taken from the operating theatre to the Resuscitation Unit, accompanied by the anaesthesiologist. The criteria for being admitted to the Resuscitation Unit depend on how aggressive the surgery is, the patient's age and associated disease or diseases, as well as on how intense the postoperative pain is.

Will I feel pain?

As soon as the patient is admitted to this Unit, the anaesthesiologist is responsible for the patient's post-surgical stability and also for treating the dreaded postoperative pain. During the patient's stay in the unit, their evolution and the treatment to be given will be assessed at all times in order to facilitate recovery. As far as we are concerned, postoperative pain control is a priority. Our department devotes a major part of its healthcare activity to pain control, thanks to protocols that are kept up-to-date at all times and by means of effective and safe analgesic techniques. Pain control begins as soon as the patient wakes up from anaesthesia, and ends once the patient's postoperative condition is completely stable.

When will I be able to see my family and relatives?

Relatives can access the unit when the patient is admitted and can stay with him or her during visiting hours. The anaesthesiologist will keep them updated about the patient's condition once he or she has been admitted to the unit, after the morning visit, and whenever a relative requests information or makes an enquiry.

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