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Organisational Chart

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Organisational Chart

El Departamento de Anestesiología, Reanimación y Tratamiento del Dolor (DARYD) del Hospital Universitari Dexeus está integrado actualmente por 34 anestesiólogos en dedicación completa y exclusiva, 3 residentes MIR, 6 enfermeros ,1 Gerente, 6 secretarias y 1 directora de comunicación y RRPP .
The Department's current functional organisational chart has the following composition:

Head of Department:
Dr. R. Valdés

Managing Director:
Dr J. Mailan

Management Committee:
Dr. R.Valdés – Dr. J. Mailan – Dr. F. Carbonell- Dra. M. Riera – Dra. M. Homs

Teaching Committee:
Dr. R. Borràs - Dr. Y. Boliart

Heads of the Surgical Functional Area:
Dr. R. Valdés – Dra. R. Borràs

Head of the Obstetrics Area:
Dr. M. Raynard

Head of the Acute Pain Unit:
Dr. D. Gispets

Head of Paediatric Anaesthesia:
Dr. D. Monclús

Director of the Pain Clinic:
Dr. J. Serra

Head of the Peripheral Functional Area:
Dr. M. Fernandez

Ethics Committee:
Dr. M. Riera

Pharmacy Committee:
Dr. D. Gispets

Mortality Committee:
Dr. Y. Filella

Committee infections:
Dr. Y. cows

Patient safety Committee:
Dr. Di Luca

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